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Jobs of the future

We are at the beginning stages of the fourth industrial revolution, dubbed Industry 4.0. As the world dramatically changes under the influence of automation, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, employment is also experiencing a big shift. What jobs might the next-generation workforce have?

Self-driving car mechanic

Vehicles are going through their own technology revolution, with battery power replacing fossil fuels and advanced guidance systems set to replace drivers. Training centres are gearing up to ensure mechanics of the future have the necessary skills to keep the cars and trucks of the future on the road.[1]

Wholeness mentor

Think of this as a life coach for the digital age. You are more connected than ever, but you work alone in a virtual office. Your wholeness mentor will be your guide to good mental health – ensuring you have a solid social network involving regular face-to-face contact, you are managing stress well and are getting enough physical activity. Even in the future, too much screen time won’t be a good thing![2]

VR spotter

As virtual reality takes off, there might be a real need for a VR spotter – a sidekick who will help to ensure you don’t trip over a chair, fall down a set of stairs or walk into traffic. This human handler will help to keep you safe while your mind is elsewhere. Expect to see these jobs popping up as VR arcades take off.[3]

Quantum computer programmer

As computer scientists race to crack the code on quantum computing, this new era of the digital age is anticipated to accelerate advancements in artificial intelligence, molecular biology, encryption security and more. These highly advanced supercomputers will need specialized coders fluent in lambda calculus and LIQUi|>.[4]

Even though we cannot be certain what the future has in store, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality. Speak to your advisor – he or she is the best person to help ensure you are financially ready for whatever the future may bring.

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